Update: The LANE’s Dream Wedding Competition

In celebration of The LANE’s 1st Birthday, we recently launched a $100,000 Dream Wedding Giveaway which required entrants to use The LANE Scrapbook tool to illustrate their dream wedding. 21 finalists were selected by The LANE, and a public vote commenced to determine the winner of a $100,000 Dream Wedding Package which would see one entrant’s unique wedding vision brought to life.

We regret to announce that in the past 48 hours it has come to our attention that an automated device has interfered with the voting process. Careful investigation has been carried out by our IT & legal team, and consequently we do not feel that we can accurately determine the winning entry via the current voting system.

It has always been our intention that the winning mood board is determined by which entrant receives the most number of individual public votes.  We have spoken with our 21 finalists and will be rerunning the competition with a new voting system. We understand and truly appreciate that every competition finalist has gone to great lengths to promote their mood boards and the public support has been phenomenal. However, in the event that an automated device may have interfered with the voting process, to be fair to every finalist we have no choice but to rerun the competition.

We are truly inspired by the level of creativity shown in each of our 21 finalist’s mood boards and our priority is to ensure that every finalist has an equal opportunity to win The LANE’s $100,000 Dream Wedding Giveaway and have their unique mood board brought to life.

Stay posted for updates about this competition which will resume shortly.

Karissa and The LANE Team.

The LANE Dream Wedding Giveaway

2 Responses to “Update: The LANE’s Dream Wedding Competition”
  1. guest says:

    all credit to The LANE for making the tough decision on how to best ensure this competition stays fair – so that the sole purpose of this competition, CELEBRATING LOVE, and rewarding the true, honest and most deserved creativity used in creating dream wedding moodboards. xxx

  2. Eloise Hope says:

    honesty and integrity are an important part of marriage and love its sad that one of these couples have not gone in to this competition with the same values

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