Wedding Tune of the week: Tiny Ruins, Bird in the Thyme

New Zealand based Holly Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins has the sweetest, most beautiful voice. I’m often guilty of playing her dreamy folk album Some Were Meant For Sea on repeat at The LANE office (and I’m sure girls in the office are getting a little over it by now!). This is one of my favourite songs, I feel like it would be a beautiful song to play at a wedding. (I’m not quite sure about the interpretation of the lyrics, but I just love the sound & mood.)

If you love Tiny Ruins, we also featured Priest With Balloons in our Bohemian Love Story Film here…

See more wedding music inspiration here.

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One Response to “Wedding Tune of the week: Tiny Ruins, Bird in the Thyme”
  1. Karissa, this is so dreamy, what a treasure. The Bohemian Love Story film makes us just drift away and is sooo inspiring…we demand to be taken to that beach immediately! Our boho brides would simply fall in love with this…{Bec & Debs} x

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