5 Wedding Planning tips, from The Little White Wedding Co…

In celebration of The LANE‘s 1st birthday we recently gave away a huge $100,000 Dream Wedding which was won by a lovely couple, Johsi Mallet & Jamie Randall. Plans are well underway for this incredibly beautiful wedding which will take place in May, and as the stylist for this wedding I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of my favourite planners, Victoria Cameron of The Little White Wedding Co. I cannot speak highly enough of Victoria, she’s the most organised, creative, easy-going person and has really made the entire process of pulling this wedding together, such a breeze.

I recently approached Victoria to put together some wedding planning articles for our brides, based on the inside information she’s gained as one of the industry’s best wedding planners. This week we asked Victoria to provide her top 5 tips that every bride should know before starting their wedding plans. I can promise you as a past bride myself and after styling numerous weddings, it’s always the little things that make such a difference to your wedding day and it’s a shame that you don’t realise just how important they are until you look back. (I especially love her #5. I feel like a broken record sometimes reminding clients/friends how quickly their wedding day passes by and how important it is to take the time to really soak in every moment and celebrate the momentous commitment you have made with each other, as well as friends and family).


Tip One: Hire a Wedding Planner

I know this is an obvious tip to come from a wedding planner but here’s a few of the advantages…

Time Saving – Hiring a wedding planner will save you oodles of time. I generally meet with my planning clients once a month just to update them on the progress and answer any questions they may have. Apart from this you’ll have some emails to answer and information to provide but it is much more time effective that doing all of the leg work yourself.

Expertise – This is what we do day in and day out. An experienced planner knows their way around the industry well and will provide you with the best options for your wedding and is there for you to lean on for any required advice.

Peace of Mind – You’re no doubt spending a small (or large) fortune on your wedding so why not spend that bit extra to ensure the suppliers are of the best quality, the styling is cohesive and most important that your day runs smoothly?

Stress free – On your wedding day you should be focused on what the day means to you and then of course all of the pampering you’ll receive with your hair and makeup (and champagne) and enjoying your time with family and friends. You pay a planner to keep a watchful eye over the setup and the proceedings to ensure it runs smoothly and to troubleshoot any problems should they arise.

Tip Two: Don’t Disregard Your Ceremony Décor

Wedding Ceremony Venues, wedding in the woods, forest, Wedding Ceremony Decor ideas

Images: One, Two, Three

For most couples the emphasis of the décor is on the reception so it’s easy to forget about the finer details at the ceremony but remember this is where you’ll actually exchange your vows and become husband and wife. Make an entrance, dress up the aisle, have your guests wowed from the very beginning. If your budget allows, there’s no reason why your ceremony shouldn’t be as awe-inspiring as your reception.

Note: The same can be said for your pre-dinner drinks and canapé area. While in most cases the bride and groom will spend very little time here, your guests can spend over an hour eating and drinking so why not provide them with some lounging and entertainment and maintain the celebratory atmosphere rather than set your guests up in a space where they pass the time.

Tip Three: Replace Seating Charts with Escort Cards

Seating Chart Ideas Duet WeddingsWedding Seating Chart Ideas The LANE, rustic vintage keys

Images: One, Two

I acknowledge the practicality of a seating chart but there’s something a little too corporate about it for my liking. I prefer and recommend you consider using escort cards as an alternative. These are more widely used overseas but have gained momentum here in recent times.

For those of you who don’t know the difference here’s how it breaks down. A seating chart is generally a list of guest names printed onto a piece of card and placed on an easel or inside a frame (there are of course more creative variations than this). Escort cards are cards, tags or anything else for that matter that are labeled with your guests names and then arranged in a display either by table or alphabetically.

The beauty of escort cards comes from their interactive nature. I love the idea of guests finding their name but also getting a little enjoyment out of the process at the same time. There are so many ways to interpret this approach that you’re bound to find something that suits your wedding and will kick off your reception in style.

Tip Four: Create Points of Difference

The LANE Wedding Reception Ideas Wedding Lighting Table ShapesDisco Balls Wedding Fleur Wood Food Fashion Friends

Images OneTwo, Three

If you really want to wow your guests create points of difference and make your wedding truly yours. This is best achieved by adding personal touches through the ceremony and reception as no other couple is exactly like you whether it be through your history or your bond.

You can also create points of difference through innovative styling whether it is a grand entrance at the ceremony or unique tablescapes at the reception. Thinking outside the square is essential.

Tip Five: Schedule Downtime

Bohemian Wedding Byron Bay Kiya Damien Indian HeaddressLisa Michele Burns Wedding Photographer QLDTeneil Kable Perth Wedding Photographer Australia

Image: One, Two (Lisa Michele Burns), Three (Teneil Kable)

This is a must for all of my couples and it’s always received so warmly. You may not realize it now, but on your wedding day the two of you won’t actually have any down time or a moment alone unless you schedule it in advance. You’ll start the day with what is usually an early call time to start getting ready and from there will arrive at the ceremony, get married, have photographs, go to the reception and not have a private moment until you’re in the car on the way to your hotel.

I usually schedule this for my couples to coincide with the seating of their guests. Some choose to have their bridal party with them, others prefer it to just be the two of them. Either way this gives you an opportunity to let the emotions of the day sink in and really appreciate that you’ve just embarked on the next stage of your life together.

For more wedding planning tips, read “The Secret Diary of a Wedding Planner” on The Little White Wedding Co’s blog. Victoria Cameron specialises in destination weddings, as well as those held locally in Australia. For more information visit The Little White Wedding Co website.

Karissa x

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  1. Wonderful blog post Karissa and very informative! My favorite tip was in regards to ceremony decor. So many of my clients seem to miss that crucial part. It’s all in the details!

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